Monday, October 9, 2017

The New World’s Oldest Villain

"Today many Americans will be celebrating Columbus Day. Many others will instead be commemorating something they call Indigenous Peoples Day. Which camp you fall in largely hinges on whether or not you think Christopher Columbus was a big fat jerk.

In schoolrooms across the nation, Columbus is increasingly being depicted as a villain rather than a hero—someone who trampled on the gentle and progressive natives just because he wanted to be an asshole and impede their inevitable progress.

And now the masked trust-fund brats of Antifa—who are aggressively attempting to knock out the very pillars of historically unprecedented privilege which enable them to commit idle acts of vandalism while living on SSI for their personality disorders and bleeding the state’s coffers for genital reassignment surgery, and who most definitely wouldn’t last twelve hours in any of the communist utopias they fetishize from afar—have declared today “Against Columbus Day” and are urging their acolytes to smash and deface any public monuments in honor of the man who, more than any other human in history, introduced the New World and the Old World to each other.

Still, they are absolutely correct that Christopher Columbus did not “discover” North America. In fact, Columbus never set foot in North America. Leif Ericson had established a settlement in Newfoundland roughly five centuries before Columbus first crossed the Atlantic.

They blame him for singlehandedly launching the transatlantic slave trade with the same sort of blind fervor that they choose to ignore Muslims’ much larger role in the enslavement and transportation of Africans, a trade which began long before and persisted long after Europeans got in (and left) the game. These same types clench their eyes shut and plug their ears at any mention that black Africans also played a primary role in the African slave trade.

And remember—the mighty indigenous peoples of the Americas couldn’t even figure out the wheel. The WHEEL. The average lifespan for Native Americans before Columbus committed “genocide” against them was around 35. It is now more than double that. When Columbus arrived in the New World, the total number of indigenous Injuns in what is now North America was less than two million. There currently are 5.2 million self-identified “Native Americans” in the USA alone and another two million or so in Canada.  That doesn’t sound like genocide to me........."

* Excerpted from Jim Goad's article @ Taki Magazine

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