Monday, January 8, 2018

Another Fat Black Gurl in the White House? I don't Think So.

"Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards was all that Hollywood has come to be about in their post-Hillary season of discontent. Scads of wealthy self-important, blathering reprobates all resplendent in their ANTIFA black and unifying behind the crusade against sexual harassment (translation: the war on men) as they mobilize to avenge the stunning loss of their champion Hillary.

What went down at the swanky Beverly Hills Hilton should be an ominous sign for the Democratic party which appears to be losing Hollywood as the celebs have become so arrogant and superior to everyone else in America, that they are about to go it alone. The gazillionaire talk show queen who presides over a vast entertainment empire gave a rousing speech, railing against the hated patriarchy and vowing that “a new day is coming” for this faction of the left.

It was the night that #MeToo officially became #FuckTrump because that is what all of this horseshit has ALWAYS been about – the poor shattered egos and fragile feelings of the Star-Bellied Sneetches on the left coast who were deprived of their black gown parties at the Hillary White House. Anyone who believes otherwise is a shmuck of a liberal, but I repeat myself.

The Democrats are NEVER going to capitulate to the celebrity snobs by running Oprah. There are too many within the party who have their eye on the prize and groveling for dollars to be with all of the beautiful people doesn’t translate into a desire to hand the keys of their political party to them. Let them split off and run Oprah, they won’t be drawing votes from Republicans, conservatives or Americans who have had enough of these egomaniacal bloviating hypocrites." - Donn Marten

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