Friday, January 5, 2018

College Conservative Groups See Numbers Surge

Democrats, who usually count on the traditionally uniformed and easily fooled liberal youth vote didn't see the train coming down the track in the form of energized conservative activism. As Donald Trump completes his first year in office, the leader of the Republican Party is activating an unconventional and untapped source of support, college campuses.

NTK- According to a report from Elaine Godfrey in The Atlantic, “The Future of Trumpism is on Campus,” college conservative groups are booming in the era of Trump. While national news surrounding political activism on campus swirls around Antifa violence against conservative speakers, pro-Trump groups have quietly been swelling in size: 
"At Arizona State, the club benefitted from a Trump wave. “He’s [increased the] numbers of College Republicans at ASU by incredible numbers,” the group’s president, Jennifer Custis, told me. Custis, a senior studying secondary education, history, and government, said deciding to support Trump was never an issue: “People loved him.” And Andrew Mendoza, the president of the University of California-Davis College Republicans, said he saw something special in Trump right from the beginning: “His out-and-out nationalism was amazing,” he said, adding that Trump’s ideology defies labels. “I think he’s an individual." 
Others who talked to Godfrey cited Trump’s use of social media and focus on immigration and economic nationalism as positives for a younger generation. But while numbers seem to be growing in conservative groups at colleges across the country, the divide between traditional College Republicans and pro-Trump groups has split some conservative campus blocs into two camps. At Penn State, The Bull-Moose Party split from the College Republicans to more strongly support Trump in his 2016 campaign. Ohio State experienced a similar rift among pro-Trump and more traditional GOP wings.

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