Saturday, January 6, 2018

Joe Biden Says He Could Kick Howard Dean's Ass Too

There's some real testy old farts in the democrat party. Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont and head of the DNC and resident nutjob appeared on MSNBC saying stupid things including his perception of the American political climate, like that of the old people in the Democratic Party needed to “get the hell out of politics.” Dean says no democrat over the age of 50 should be allowed to run for president. I was certain that Hillary Clinton was going to be the one to lose their sh*t over this because you don't have to be a genius to figure out it was pointed mainly at her. After all, she is old and the rumor that she’s a woman makes it sexist to suggest that she should retire. But as is was, the elderly Joe Biden was the one who took issue with Dean’s statement.

The former vice president says he’s plenty young enough to run for president and could kick Howard Dean’s ass to prove it.

On The PBS NewsHour this week, crazy uncle Joe was asked if age would be a factor considering he’s a decrepit old geezer and he acknowledged that it could be. The host then brought up Howard Dean’s call for ancient democrats to mothball themselves. In Biden style he said “Tell Howard I can take him physically, okay?

It's classic Joe Biden being Joe Biden. He sometime has a real problem of his mouth outrunning it's supply line. Like on the campaign trail last year. Biden said that he didn’t want to debate Donald Trump but to beat him up:“I wish I were in high school, I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish.” Hey Joe, that is not very presidential now is it? 

I think Biden finds Donald Trump very threatening to his manhood and likes to shadow-box him in the company of such tough questioners as Stephen Colbert and Joy Behar. I truly hope he does run for president in 2020. He has no shot at winning, but you can bet his campaign will be hysterical when the cameras are turned on.....but without some ethically-challenged psychiatrist shrieking about his mental health.

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