Monday, February 19, 2018

The Leftist New Hot Take on Russian Trolls

It was once widely suspected and hard not to notice that democrat friendly media personalities were coordinating their narrative across multiple networks, shows, and publications. They swore they weren't, claiming that they were just doing the Lord's work by delivering honest, hard-hitting journalism. Many found it hard to buy that line. It simply seemed too weird that suddenly they'd all start saying the same things, at the same time, on the same day.

Then, the "JournList Scandal" broke, and scepitics knew they'd been right all along. JournoList was a google group created by Ezra Klein, where over 400 left-leaning reporters, hosts, and so-called thinkers organized messaging and discussed news narratives. It was shut down after being outed, but a media "Orchestrated GroupThink" (or as we call it here at DMF, a Media Circle Jerk) rose to take its place.

It was on full display this weekend as they put forth a particular narrative. It's a ridiculous position, but it's emerging everywhere you look - TV, print, and straight from the mouths of politicians themselves. It seems that a handful of Russian internet trolls and a measly $1.2 million in funding is pretty much the same thing as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Yes, that's really what they're saying.

As I said Here, Russian meddling in America is nothing new. No one has been able to provide a single shred of evidence that Russian trolling changed a single voter's mind in 2016 election, or any other.  We also know the red menace didn't "hack" Hillary into being the worst, most stilted, candidate in modern history. And we know that the Russian Bear didn't keep her from campaigning in the Midwest.

No wonder the media machine "colludes" to peddle its narratives. No sane person wants to be the only guy saying something this incredibly stupid.

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