Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Nutty Negress Of MSNBC and Another Fact-Free Brain Dropping

None other than the New York Times recently declared Joy Reid ‘the heroine of the Resistance” and few would argue with that. The media arm of the Resistance exists solely to lie and smear Donald Trump because the whinny leftist lost their Chicago Jesus and upset most of America doesn’t share in their liberal lunacy. And nobody is as full of shit and better at lying with a smile on her face as Joy Reid. In her latest line of things that are completely untrue, the MSNBC host puts forth the theory that Trump's ICE units have a quota to deport innocent people like math teachers and baseball dads, whatever the hell those are. Here’s the latest drivel and fact-free theory from Reid:
"A friend with experience in the intel world said something to me today that has stayed with me: that the Trump ICE raids terrorizing COC have the feel of filling a quota, and doing so by going after immigrants who will be easy to arrest (non-violent people with community ties.......DREAMers who after all, self-disclosed their addresses and other contact info).
Before we go any further, you maybe wondering what a “COC” is. So am I.  There about a million things that are abbreviated as COC, but none of them seem to fit. If I had to guess I’d say she’s saying “communities of color” because to the left everybody is colored these days, and she she is talking about illegal aliens. Whatever she means, here’s where she’s going with this:
 "If that is the case, are ICE agents essentially behaving the way police departments have when given quotas.. ....Are we living a national "Ferguson scenario" where ICE agents are engaged in deportation number inflation to allow Trump to say he kept his campaign promise to run "illegals" out of the U.S.? Of course Trump will claim they are "dangerous aliens" and gang members...but ICE doesn't have to deal with as many actually dangerous people when they can grab math teachers, doctors and baseball dads who won't resist"
There are many easy ways to disprove her theory, but I have the easiest one – If ICE were targeting innocent math teachers and baseball dads for deportation, that’s all there would be on the news, and that’s not the case. And Trump deported less illegal aliens in his first year than Obama did in his last year. If ICE has a quote system under Trump, their goal or their plan is do less than the previous administration. 

But I refer you to a more respectable news source that, unlike rumor and innuendo of MSNBC, uses actual facts.  And that would be The Washington Times of Feb 15.... 
"Despite claims that ICE agents are rounding up “innocent” illegal immigrants, the agency’s records show that some 90 percent of all arrests last year had criminal convictions or were wanted on charges. Just a bit over 10 percent had no known criminal convictions or charges. A new analysis of data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement done by the Pew Research Center not only popped claims that big percentages of non-criminal illegals were being arrested, but it showed that former President Obama’s administration was much more guilty of arresting non-criminal illegals. 
Pew titled their report, "Most immigrants arrested by ICE have prior criminal convictions, a big change from 2009."

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