Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Yes, Schiffty Adam Is the Dems New Star Douche Bag

How many times did we hear after the Nunes memo was released (over Democratic objections) that the GOP was going to continue the cover-up by blocking the much-longer Schiff memo by the same party-line vote?  Well oops, the committee voted, unanimously,  to release the 10 page Schiff memo. So now Schiff can say that with both memos out there, people can decide for themselves, right? No, that would make too much sense.

Schiff is lying liberal pond scum.  There are reports that he intentional filled the memo with info the DOJ/FBI will want to redact. Why would he do that you ask? He’s going to throw a temper tantrum when his memo gets redacted, saying it’s a political retraction, so the cover-up continues. 
“What I'm more concerned about ... is that they make political redactions," the California Democrat said. "That is, not redactions to protect sources or methods, which we’ve asked the Department of Justice and the FBI to do, but redactions to remove information they think is unfavorable to the president. That could be a real problem, and that's our main concern at this point.”
Clearly the cunning plan of the House GOP was to release the memo only because they were conspiring with Trump to block it in a different way. Heads I win tails you lose. No matter how much someone detests Trump, I can’t understand how they give any credence to this dirtbag.

......And it seems Adam may be a little bit of a perv also. 


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