Thursday, March 29, 2018

"You Owe It To Us" Says the Man Dressed in Women's Clothing.

It's inevitable that on occasion we all will see a man dressed like a $20 street hooker, strutting down the street in heels looking like a possible villain from the horror movie “Drag Me To Hell.” And most sane parents would try to divert their kids’ attention away from such freak shows to something else and remind them that, “It’s not nice to talk about strangers.” That seems like a reasonable strategy to me. It’s polite, it’s respectful and it helps parents avoid having to address freakish sexual proclivities with their innocent children.

But that's not a good thing to mentally confused, lipstick-wearing, dress-adorned “genderqueer activist” Jacob Tobia, who recently wrote an open letter to BuzzFeed to scold America’s parents and demands better of you. Tobia lectures parents about the proper ways to respond when he confuses our children by parading around in drag.

In the lengthy screed, complete with about a half-dozen pictures of himself in lipstick and miniskirts. Tobia complains that children often stare and point at him, and their parents fail to make use of the "teaching moment" he has so helpfully provided. "You have to do better. You owe it to me."

"Parents, I’ve decided that we need to have a little chat, because you can do better than that. You have to do better. You owe it to me, to the trans community, and to your kids’ emotional development to do better. As a gender-nonconforming person, I get a lot of attention — both wanted and unwanted — anytime I walk around in public."   
Tobia insists that our first job in life is to affirm everything he does. This is the kind of insane pride that lies at the foundation of most of the "gender nonconforming" trend. And to really drive that point home, Tobia gives us a script we are to follow when talking to our kids about gender issues.

No, this guy is a freak. He’s an aberration. He’s not normal. That’s an objective fact. To Jacob Tobia and the other gender crusaders of the Left, I say this: We don’t owe you anything. We owe our children something though. We owe them a proper moral and intellectual formation, and we will not let you interfere with that process. We will not let you tell us how to raise our children. You don't get to govern my reaction to your outlandish pageantry. You don't get to control what I say about you or even what I say to you.

Self-expression is a right that they want to keep all to themselves. The rest of us must express ourselves in a way that conforms precisely to their wishes. They demand that we adjust our language — adjust our perception of reality itself — to meld with their delusions.

"Here is the script you must follow," announces the man who refuses to even follow his own biology.

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