Thursday, April 5, 2018

Grandstanding Leftist Governor Says She'll Defy Trump

Oregon Governor Kate Brown at Recent at News Conference

Democrat Oregon Gov. Kate Brown stomped her feet announced yesterday that she will thumb her nose at the President's request to send Oregon National Guard forces to help protect the southern border. Brown took to the Tweeter to say that she will not cooperate with the federal government if asked to send guard troops to the Mexician border, saying she is “deeply troubled by Trump’s plan to militarize our border.” Brown’s statement comes shortly after Trump announced that the military will be used to guard the southern border to help stop two serious problems, illegal border crossings and drug trafficking. 

Well, I'm shocked! First, why on earth does she think the President would even waste his time and ask a radical leftist governor of a sanitary state to contribute to the guarding of the border and stop the very actions they encourage? The fact she uses the term 'militarize our border' shows her hypocrisy in that she doesn't believe in the law or sovereignty of the nation as she does for her sovereign state of Oregon. Nor does she acknowledge the drug and human trafficking problems, both of which are prevalent in the western states. But I'm sure she would have been of the same mind if she'd been Governor when Barky Obama called the National Guard out to the border himself. Wait, I don't remember any outcry then.....

If Trump does call on Democrat Governors to participate, it will be to once again let the democrats demonstrate to the country they will choose illegals over American citizens safety and rule of law. Which is actually what I hope he does. 

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