Monday, June 4, 2018

Reason #283 Why Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Monday the Supreme Court made a narrow ruling that a Colorado baker’s religious rights were violated when the state civil rights commission showed zealous hostility towards the baker's religion after they refused to bake a cake for a rump ranger wedding. The reaction from the left was that the Supreme Court had taken a step towards legalized gay discrimination! (they didn't) I know, was shocked too. Liberals are usually so rational and even keeled. The decision was 7-2, meaning that 2 liberal Justices agreed with it. That poses a problem for the psyche of leftist. They care nothing of people’s religious freedom or consider it something that is protected by the Constitution.

Believing the gay minority just got run over, those deep thinkers at the lefty website Vox have come up with a solution to just this problem, if having the Supreme Court rule on Constitutional issues is a problem. Vox wants to straight up diminish the authority of Supreme Court.

Yes, this is really dumb leftist thought. It's Vox:
"Majority rule can lead to abuse of minorities, justifying judicial protection of minorities, but how do we ensure that the Court both protects the minorities who really need protection, and does so in a way that allows majority interests to prevail when they ought to? The Court’s answer, “trust us,” is increasingly out of place in an era of populist rejection of elite rule." 
"A democratic system for protecting the rights of minorities is desperately needed. We describe here a voting system that does just that — by allowing citizens to vote in proportion to the strength of their interests. It would be simultaneously more democratic and less vulnerable to the trampling of rights than the options currently on the table, and it would not involve elite interventions in politics through judicial review...."
This Vox-splainer is a really long droning piece but the basic gist is that there would be no more need for Supreme Court in these kind of cases, and minorities who have an interest in a social issue would be allowed to vote for it in a national referendum system. Other examples of resolutions: gay people's vote would weigh more on gay issues and anti-gun nuts vote would weigh more on gun control bills, etc. 

The geniuses at Vox are complaining our system is unjust by offering a solutions that is even more unfair. I’m serious, this is what they are pushing. Read it for yourself.

Have you noticed how when rules and systems that are fair to everyone move against liberal interests they suddenly become unfair and must be abolished? Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College and now the left has decided the EC is unfair and unAmerican. Now the Supreme Court makes a ruling that the left doesn’t even understand, but because it seems like it ruled against gay people (it didn’t) the SC has to go too.

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