Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Little Prick David Hogg Threatens DJT on the Tweeter

After the president tweeted out a warning to Iranian leaders to knock off the threats against America, little David Hogg, who's fifteen minutes of fame was abruptly interrupted by a porn star, treasonist government officials and a fat korean kid with a bad haircut, was trying to be a keyboard badass when he tweeted out his own belligerent rhetoric mirroring the tweet sent out by President on Monday.

Hogg is just an ambitious opportunist struggling to remain relevant and now little more than an unnecessary tool of the sensationalist media. So Yesterday. His pathetic boycotts and anti-constitutional screeds wore thin. You'd think he'd know threatening the President just ain't cool, and it would be a real shame if the secret service was to show up and put little David's balls in a vice for the evening. He's more than earned it.......

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