Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Not Good Enough for Kavanaugh To Say He Will Follow Existing Law

Chuck Schumer keeps moving the goalposts with regards to the answers he expects a Supreme Court nominee to answer, declaring during an interview this morning that it’s no longer good enough for a nominee to say they will follow existing law. CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell asked Schumer about previous statements made by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, regarding Roe v. Wade being binding precedent, and why Schumer believes abortion rights are under threat if Kavanaugh is confirmed. 
"When you say you’ll follow binding precedent, that’s been a trick. It is not good enough for them to hide behind this shibboleth that ‘We’ll follow existing law,’ cause when they get on the bench, they change."
O’Donnell asked Schumer if there is anything that Senate Democrats can do to stop the nomination of Kavanaugh, given that Republicans hold a majority in the Senate.
“Yes, well, President Trump with the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh has fulfilled or is fulfilling two of his campaign promises. First, to undo women’s reproductive freedom; second to undo ACA." 
"So, I will oppose him with everything I’ve got." 
Go for it Chuck. The American public are getting tired of your over the top grandstanding and calling everyone you disagree with the far-right, and you and your hysterical minions being against everything that's being done to making America great again. Yeah, you and Nancy go for it Chuck. 

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