Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Bad Night for The Oprah & Taylor Swift

Nancy Pelosi last night told a cheering victory crowd: “Let’s hear it for pre-existing medical conditions!!” Not Kidding. Maybe this will be good reminder to everyone how crazy the Dems are. And Ocasio-Cortez will remind us too, every time she opens her mouth.

Meanwhile, CNN's resident commie racial bigot, Van Jones, had a real sad and had to admitted the much ballyhooed Blue Wave didn't materialize. More like a Blue Puddle seeing the dems didn't even match the historical average mid-term gain by the out of power party. And the poor star-struck media's favorite Texas anti-Trump giant killer, Bozo O'Rourke, flushed millions entertainment elite dumped in his lap to defeat Senator Ted. Silly Fools.

And, so it appears, the good people of the Great State of Georgia may have rejected The Oprah's gurlfriend that tried to pass herself off as MLK and looks like Mike Tyson in drag, who has hinted at destruction of  Stone Mountain National Monument, and stomping on the Constitution cause she don't like guns. It's of little surprise that the contest has yet to be called seeing the dems started yelling voter suppression weeks ago. Heaven forbid the laws be followed so the rightful voters votes aren't nullified. Everything is racist!

And of course, what would a media event these days be without the media making a fool of themselves. After praising our now divided government at the same time bemoaning the further division of the country they refuse to admit they themselves played the largest part creating. 

Their Victory will be hollow. Their exuberance short lived.

Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS for the Linkage!

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