Thursday, December 20, 2018

It's Time To Face Their Charges Head On

With the coming 2020 election run-up, you can bet accusations of racism will be at the forefront. You Can Bet On It. For Democrats, leveling charges of racism is now an entirely cost and risk free exercise. They do it because it is effective, and because frankly, it costs them nothing.  It profits them in both the long and short term. Not only does it drive minority voters away from the GOP,  the fact of the matter is that the “racist” label is kryptonite to every voter demographic. People of all races now instinctively shy away from anything that has been tarred with the “racism” brush. This is a mark of progress, but, unfortunately, the conditioning is now such that far too many people fail to stop and check if the charge is true, or even if it makes sense or not. Disagreements on policy issues are all pronounced to be “secretly” due to some racial animus or some conspiracy to harm minorities. Worse yet is that every election cycle sees conservative political victories attributed to some appeal to racial bigotry and prejudice.

Make no mistake; no one – individual or group – who calls you a racist means you well. They are not trying to “communicate” with you, “enlighten” you, or “reach out” to you – they are no different from someone who falsely accuses you of rape or child abuse. He or she is actively trying to destroy you, strip you of your reputation, your livelihood. Anger and outrage is exactly what is called for here. “Sadness” and “disappointment” implies respect or some regard for that person’s opinion.

My position is that anyone who falsely accuses you of racism is not worthy of your respect, consideration or even basic courtesy. The proper response is to denounce them and dismiss them in the same harsh and uncompromising manner that you would greet a false charge of theft or lying.

Progressive identity politics, to which the vast majority of journalists are fervent adherents, stipulates that a person’s credibility should be based primarily around his race, gender and political affiliation. A woman’s word should be taken over that of a man. A Hispanic person’s word should be taken over that of a white person.  A gay person is automatically more credible than a straight person. A Democrat’s word is to be taken over that of a Republican. Endpoint; no one who calls you a racist is deserving of your respect. Take it personally. Anger. Outrage. Disdain. Contempt. That’s what’s called for. And while this may not do anything for closing the Republican deficit with minority voters, I am fairly certain that the last fifty years of tacitly confessing to someone's unfounded call of racism by running and hiding, apologizing or trying to pander and ingratiate yourself is not going to work either.

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