Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Most Democrats Wait Until They've Been Sworn In Before Acting A Fool. But Not Her!

And here we thought nobody could be as entertaining as Joe Biden. Little did we know..... After being mocked merciless over the weekend for saying the age requirement on running for president only applies to men, and then telling Hanukkah celebrants at a synagogue that she was Jewish, Alexandra Ocashew Cortex, in a response to a tweet bashing outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan, compares herself to Paul Ryan and claims to be being treated unfairly because of a double standard.
What I think Ocasio is really trying to say in her tweet is that she’s being mistreated because....she’s a woman. Yeah, that’s not it at all. The 28-year-old Paul Ryan wasn’t espousing ridiculous socialist nonsense when he came on the scene. And he didn’t sound like an airhead either.

Ryan was experience as a congressional legislative aide and foreign affairs adviser to a US Senator before seeking office. Paul Ryan never promised medicare-for-all but couldn’t explain how to pay for it. Paul Ryan never wanted to get rid of the electoral system…because slavery! Paul Ryan never wanted to take back all three CHAMBERS of government…  Paul Ryan never compared Jews fleeing Nazi death camps to immigrants trying to break into our country.

Better thicken your skin there girly. I wonder if you realize there is a universe of difference between campaigning for an office and appearances on talk shows as the darling of the media as apposed to  actually having to deal with embedded DC politicians who don't take kindly to idealist newbies who throw bread at the table......Maybe talking less would help you look smarter. That was Mark Twain’s advice, anyway. In your case it might be to late to convince anyone now.

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