Thursday, December 6, 2018

Most Influential in News Media 2018....According to Some.

While doing my once-a-week recon of lefty websites to get a measure of the current level of insanity, as well as other sites off my regular path, I came across a list of the 'Most Influential of 2018' at the media watcher site, MEDIAITE.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of DMF's favorite kickballs were honored as top 10. It has affirmed our feelings we were indeed over the correct targets. Here are just a few of our kickballs so honored. 

Coming in at #6 was one of our all-time favorites - MSNBC's Squinty and Meat Puppet

No one gets the morning #Resistance jump started like the dynamic duo of Joe and Mika and their regular nest of rabid Trump Hating Liberal Misfits. We're not sure but last time I watched, Mika kinda acted like she had the beginning signs of peroxide or mascara poisoning or something. But now that the duo have tied the knot, she has Joe's jewels firmly in her purse.

Their frequent attempts at humor are tortuously painful as seen on the faces of anyone who is actually on set and has to laugh. But we're waiting patently for the day she rolls her eyes so far back in her head at Joe verbal doo doo that they stick. Now that will be worth get up early for.  

At #5 CNN's Fredo Cuomo

Cuomo the Younger was given the task of squaring off against the titans of cable news, Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow. Fredo is known as a pugilistic interrogator, and his interviews often produced fireworks and recently became honored as the highest rated show on CNN. 

But because his network has no shows in the ratings top 20, it is beaten daily by a network of guys fixing water heaters and gals painting closet doors, as well as a network who's biggest star is a  sponge that wears square pants. Sorry Fredo, but being the highest rated show on CNN is like being the tallest midget in the room. But hang in there. As long as the stupidest man on cable news, Don Lemon, follows you, you will always look the smart one.

NOTE: It is worth noting that Fredo's boss, Jeff Zucker, CNN’s CEO and omnipresent leader came in at #2 on the list, and we bring this up only to point and laugh....

At #3 - Matt Drudge - I don't travel to Drudgeworld very often anymore. Lack of updates made it a deal breaker over time. My GO TO sites for info and links are still my old favorite and the new kid on the block, the nice people at WHATFINGER NEWS. If you don't already, check them both out forthwith. Your Blog Mistress Commands. 

And Mediaite's Numero Uno? The Extremely Irritating Sean Hannity.

I apologize to any of my reader who are Hannity fans. I know he is the king of cable. But this man is also annoying as hell and can even at times make all the voices in my head start yelling 'Make It Stop!' It seems his growing annoyance is directly in relation to the part in his hair slowly creeping towards the middle of his head.

When I hear that same friggin country music intro to his radio show it makes me do crazy things like aim for that squirrel crossing the road in front of me or change the station to a sports talk show! In addition, he has the same half dozen or so guest on TV every night speculating the same thing...every night. While Hannity does bring importance to the table, this girl has to take him in doses. Very small doses.....

~Thank You MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage!~

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