Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Baristas to Beto: Come On Dude, Get Off the Counters Man

When you run for presidential through social media, expect to be turned into a meme.

When Beto O’Rourke arrived for a campaign stop at the Beancounter Coffeehouse in Burlington, Iowa, he hopped right up on the shop’s counter and addressed the masses below. During a visit to Narrow Way Cafe in Detroit, O’Rourke grabbed a microphone and scrambled up on the counter. At Sing-A-Long Bar and Grill in Mount Vernon, Iowa Beto jumped right up on that counter too. After a week of stump speeches from a perch next to the extra sweets and the cash registers, Beto’s countertop habit has become a meme. And some of the nation’s baristas are asking him to please get down from there.

Connor Finnegan, a Brooklyn coffee shop manager said if O’Rourke comes to his cafe, he’s “definitely not” getting on the counter. “He can be heard and seen perfectly well standing on the ground,” citing the 6’4” Beto's height. Josh Wilson, the owner of Cohesive Coffee in Greenville, South Carolina, said he could envision himself voting for O’Rourke, but still wouldn’t want him standing on his counter. “As a cafe owner, the way the picture shows doesn’t make sense,” Wilson said of a picture of O’Rourke squatting on a counter to listen to a woman standing on the ground. “I would understand standing on the counter because the crowd was so big, although organizing it would be better. But he’s kneeled down. It seems like a photo opp that wasn’t necessary. His feet are right by the cups.”

“It's silly to me that Beto spends like half his waking hours hopping on the countertops of coffee shops across Iowa,” Deadspin writer David Roth tweeted Monday, “but—and I assume this is part of the point—I am enjoying the mental image of Trump wheezily humping himself up onto a table at a Ruth's Chris in Ottumwa.”

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