Tuesday, June 11, 2019

And Now For Something Entirely Different.....

Let's put aside the politics and cultural nonsense of the day for a bit. Whats you say?  Thanks to the 'Friends Of DMF', with so many new readers that have come aboard and for one reason or another have never expressed their opinion in the comments, I'd like to give them, along with regular DMFers, an opportunity to join in and break the ice.  So here goes.

About once a month, I and a group of Tiger Alumni and other good friends less fortunate, try to get together and have a nice dinner out.  Afterwards, it's drinks and good conversation.  It's become a ritual over time for us that sometime during the later part of the evening, someone is chosen (usually spin the bottle) to come up with a thought provoking question (anything goes) to pose to the group.  Answers are not blurted out that night, but to be given serious thought. Sometime within the next day or so, the questioner sends out their thoughts on the answer first, then receives by reply email the individual answers and forwards to all the group.  It makes for interesting dinner conversation at next get together. And the answers are at times quite uniquely fascinating, knowing all these people so well.

This time, in punishment my honor (since I missed the last 2 dinners) I was granted Inquisitor.  My question was out of left field (seeing it's not a major interest of mine) but welcomed by all in attendance.  Your illustrious Blog Mistress now poses the same concept and question to the DMF readers for your consideration, and mandatory participation:

Question: What individual movie film scene you saw at the theater, anytime in your life, gave you a fright, a thrill or laugh out loud or gave you chill bumps as you watched it?

I had two scenes in mind, but my choice was clear; a majestic Hollywood big budget recreation of an actual historical event. When viewed on a theater big screen for the first time, the majesty of the old Hollywood film making long gone today was on full display.  Not until about 40 sec or so into this scene clip do you realize what you are seeing. I remember vividly to this day how it gave me Chill Bumps.

Short on dialogue. No CGI. No Stunt people. I think it's one of the great movie scenes ever filmed. 

View in full screen if possible. Copy & Paste the URL below if necessary.


Now, it's your turn. If you can find the scene, post the You Tube URL to the scene with a short description or comment before the link, Please.  

I'm interested to see what your choices are and any comments you have on others. 

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