Monday, June 10, 2019

Watergate Dinosaur & CNN/MSNBC Contributor Testifies Before Nadler's Clown Posse??

The democrat Kabuki Theater (aka J. Fatman Nadler's Mueller report investigation) reached ludicrous new heights with the House Judiciary Committee kicking off a series of testimonies with none other than John Dean, convicted felon, best known for his role in the Watergate scandal, who valiantly threw various people under the bus to save his own sorry as from a long jail stretch. The purpose of his testimony was clearly a stunt engineered by democrats to compare the Mueller report to Watergate, though that comparison is shaky in reality at best.  

Like senile Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein,  Dean once again gets to bask in the bright lights of his own perceived relevance only because of constant appearances as a commentor on cable news Trump hate-feast masquerading as news helped make him a natural from the dems to exploit and bolster their desperation. For two long years all the democrats talked about was the Mueller Report, because they knew that it was loaded with 13 Angry democrat Trump Haters. In the end, Dems were devastated.

In his opening remarks, J.Fatman Nadler did his usual song and dance about the Mueller report being far more damaging to Trump than it is. Dean’s testimony concluded in pretty much the same way the Mueller investigation did, by offering the American people a big nothing burger to munch on. The best Dean could come up with when accusing the president of obstruction of justice is several times he may or may not have tried to obstruct an investigation. Yeah, and I may or may not have spun gold from straw this morning.

Rep. Jim Jordan Takes him to task: 

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