Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Joe Biden is Really Confusing the Hell Out Of Democrats

Joe Biden - Former VP Code Named -'Silver Plugs'

Who of us really knows what's going on in that vast wilderness of Joe Biden's brain cavity these days? He is embarrassing not just himself but everyone who once loved him as the gaffe prone Court Jester of the Obama Administration. Now that he's in the chase to be HMFIC of the country, he really has the leftists upset and they believe he could danced on tables in nothing but a G-string and retain more of his dignity than schmoozing Wall Street tycoons by saying "what I've found is rich people are just as patriotic as poor people.....'. Biden went on to promise his wealthy overlords that their lifestyles won't change if he's elected president. Nothing at all, in fact, would "fundamentally change." Put that on a bumper sticker. He's gone from riding shotgun on "hope and change" to only offering hope of no change.

Joe confronted the charge that he's too "old-fashioned" for today's Democratic Party by speaking fondly of the good old days when he happily collaborated with DEMOCRAT segregationists. Biden bragged about his relationship with Mississippi Senator, DEMOCRAT James O. Eastland, a leading foe of integration, which he thought would lead to "mongrelization." He described black people as an "inferior race.  So what exactly is he bragging about here?

Spartacus Booker
Biden also boasted about his relationship with Georgia Senator, DEMOCRAT Herman Talmadge. Talmadge was so racist that as governor he ordered schools closed rather than let black people in the "good" ones. Of course we all know who jumped on that. Spartacus Booker. His pants are in one hell of wad right now! Has Joe forgotten that he's running for the Democrat nomination? You're not suppose to talk about that, Joe! It's the party that leads African American black peoples of color around by the nose.  What's next? Scheduled a speech to the National Organization for Women about how well he got along with Bill Cosby and O.J. Simpson despite their differences?

Here's what Mr. Electable accomplished during his trip down segregation lane: He reminded everyone that he's old, which we already knew but we don't need rubbed in our faces. If most of the good friends you talk about are all dead, you're either a middle-aged rock star or an ancient politician. Worse, he reminded voters that straight-up white supremacists was always the hallmark of the Democratic Party.

Democrats criticize Bernie Sanders for his membership in their party. They point out that Elizabeth Warren only became a Democrat when she was in her late 40s. But if a lifelong Democrat like Biden is going to praise the racist legacy of his party,  then "Democrat" is just a label. I think Joe will eventually lose support and fold like a cheap lawn chair. His life long rambling inanities and Foot-in-Mouth disease is not a selling point. If he doesn' could very well be a TRUMP LANDSLIDE. 

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