Sunday, June 9, 2019

The New York Times Would Like You To Know They Really Are "in no way anti-Trump".

Yes, you read that right. The same day Don Lemon of CNN, the "Dumbest Man in Cable News", proclaimed he and his network are not Liberal (i'll pause why you finish laughing.......okay) we have NYT's deputy managing editor Rebecca Blumenstein at the same event tell the renowned media audience gathered at the European globalist 'Financial Times’ Future of News' turdapalooza in NYC, that her paper "are in no way anti-Trump.”

I guess we should expect nothing but fairness from the paper that published an op-ed titled, “Maybe Trump Is Not Mentally Ill. Maybe He’s Just a Jerk.” And took it upon itself to draft articles of impeachment against the president (just in case democrats needed the help) and wants it fully understood that this is all just in the service of fair news reporting. Could the Times possibly be so lacking in self-awareness that it fails to see how its pages drip with disdain and animosity for a President? How its op-ed writers twist words and actions to accuse him of everything from racism to stupidity to abject corruption yet to be proved?

I've known enough newspaper people to know they are famous for their ability to lack self-awareness. They are overflowing with self-importance, but self-awareness? That’s a little hard to come by.

The Times in the past has claimed it would be glad to give Trump credit if and when he does something right something they think is right. A fair, unbiased newspaper doesn’t presume to judge what’s right. It simply tells you what happened, and lets you make up your own mind. The Times makes all kinds of judgments about what’s right and what’s wrong, just as it makes judgments about what is and isn’t worth reporting. Journalism would be a whole lot better off if media outlets would simply be upfront and unembarrassed about their biases.

Obviously, this web site has a conservative bias with a healthy dose of snark (or as my socially cultured petite little sister says: "Kneecapping those leftist bastards") and we make no bones about that up front. And when you read what we present, you can filter your understanding of our content through the recognition of our bias. It's a lot more credible than an editor of the New York Times making the patently absurd claim that the Times is not anti-Trump. The only way the Times could believe that is if they believe truth itself is anti-Trump, in which case, their bias is confirmed.

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