Saturday, July 20, 2019

Guess Who Turns Out to be Big Fan of Ilhan Omar?

Over the last six months, they have lavished praise on Ilhan Omar for her antisemitic beliefs, even calling Omar the most important member of Congress. They also praised "The. Most. Important. Member of Congress" after she called Barky Obama a "pretty face" who “got away with murder”.

The former Democrat Party presidential candidate even mocked DJT for supposedly being under the control of "Zionist political controllers":
"You dared to tell the Zionist political controllers you didn't want their money. Now of course, they are crucifying you! How in the hell can you say that Rep. Omar should resign for saying essentially the same thing you said? Man UP!"
They insisted that Rep. Omar "told the truth" in antisemitic comments that were roundly condemned by Trump and other members of Congress. They even proposed the possibility of forming "partial coalitions" with Rep. Omar. 

And the love affair refuses to die. Here’s a tweet from July 17:
"Trump can explicitly defend Jews against the obvious truth Omar speaks about the control & influence of Israel over American politics, but doesn't dare explicitly address her *learned* anti-Whiteness. Why is that?"
Meanwhile, Morning Poop with Squinty Scarborough are talking about how DJT is engaging in “David Duke Racism” against the squad?

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