Friday, July 19, 2019

Poll Shows the “Racist” Charge is not Simply Policy, but Ingrained in the Democrat Party.


It stands to reason that when a party uses identity politics as its core belief system then the positioning of every issue as being racial will be held by growing numbers of members. While DJT's recent tweet-storm could be called ill-advised, the automatic charge of "racism" has raised some questions. To what race was he being intolerant?  Is merely having disagreeable words with select members enough to be constituted as "racist"?

For a large number of Democrats that answer is 'Yes'. Rassmussen just conducted a poll that showed a significant segment of party members consider merely being critical is enough to earn the accusation of intolerance. One-in-three Democrats polled think it’s racism any time a white politician criticizes a politician of color.

Note the significance here; it is not just racially-charged language, but any criticism is considered racist.

This reflects on what we have been seeing play out in the media for months now since the mid-term election. Anytime policy ideas have been challenged, or some of the many factual errors and false propaganda which these freshman members have put forth are pointed out, there has been a knee-jerk reaction that it is rooted in racism, or sexism, or both.

Tellingly, within this same poll it is seen that this tactic is not having the intended effect. Despite that emotionally-charged environment, the number of people who believed Trump to be racist actually dropped in comparison to a previous poll with similar questioning. The respondents were asked about these issues during the Democrat and media effort to establish Trump’s words were deeply racist. Yet while they loudly trying to sell the nation on this notion the result was fewer people believing he is racist, and more people seeing this as a purely political effort to smear him. That is a detail very few in the media are going to be pointing out.

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