Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hollywood’s Leftist Embarrassing 2020 Embrace of New Age Loon Marianne Williamson

Monday evening, a crowd of several hundred people milled around one of the entertainment industries temples, the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, surrounded by blue light and a floor full of pink balloons. Some guests came in flower crowns, one wore Mickey Mouse ears decked out as giant purple orbs. They were there to see Marianne Williamson, friend of Oprah, metaphysical guru, longtime lecturer on a “spiritual psychotherapy” guidebook allegedly dictated by Jesus, and 2020 presidential candidate.

The spiritual guru-cum-presidential candidate, who loves Avatar way more than anyone should, has inspired a rash of Rabelaisian tweets and head-scratching op-eds, including a doozy from the Washington Post titled “Marianne Williamson is the only true anti-Trump,” with the author opining that the bestselling author of A Return to Love possesses many of candidate Trump’s so-called “strengths,” including: “no political relationships yoking her to an ossified party consensus, no policy experience.”

After a Cher Horowitzish democrat debate performance, Williamson emerged as a half-loved, half-reviled, and somewhat-ignored political contender. But she is less ignored in Los Angeles. Williamson, the self-described “bitch for God” who comes off like a cross between a becrystaled Goop disciple from Monterey and the deranged dance mom in Donnie Darko, is surging since her mystifying performance at the first Democratic debate. A recent survey had her polling ahead of Spartacus Booker and Krissy Gillibrand in New Hampshire.

She also seems to have a knack for getting white people to apologize to blacks for slavery, which is in line with the democrat's perpetual victimization mentality.

Williamson first ran for public office in 2014 as an independent to represent California’s 33rd congressional district and was endorsed by the likes of Eva Longoria, Nicole Richie, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian. She finished a distant fourth. And it looks like Hollywood didn’t learn its lesson.

Tuesday, alleged actress Alyssa Milano, who has rebranded as a tweeter political activist recently and who can spot Nazis at a glance, tweeted that she would be attending Williamson’s fundraiser in Beverly Hills. Records compiled by ProPublica for the 2020 election cycle reveals among others, sizable donations from actor Jeff Bridges, musician Dave Navarro, film execs Bill Pohlad and James Cummings, film producer Rhonda Eiffe, and author Deepak Chopra.

Despite her earth-mother demeanor and “girlfriend, you are so on” histrionics, Williamson's act is a cynical ploy to hawk more of her self-help books and preach her “conquering through love” gospel. 

That she made it anywhere near the presidential debate stage is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. You Go Girl!!

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