Wednesday, July 10, 2019

They Left the Barn Door Open Again.....

Like that great philosopher once said, or did I hear it in the movies, "one barn door closes and other door opens and a fool rushes in" or something like that.  The door might've closed on the grand presidential ambitions of California gun grabber Eric Swalwell, but in rushes California billionaire Tom Steyer, who purchased the door and the rest of the barn from the looks of his video announcement.

This is just what the Democrat primary needs because their billionaire-underrepresentation problem is now solved. They already have a resident from another planet and could use a billionaire so Bernie Sanders will have someone handy to gesture angrily toward during the next debate. Steyer has no political experience but disappointed dozens in January when he announced that he wasn't going to run, but would instead focus his "time, energy, and resources" on his organization, Need To Impeach. He vowed to do "whatever it takes for as long as it takes" to remove Trump. Impeachment is going nowhere, so Steyer has decided to try defeating DJT at the ballot box. 
"Really what we're doing is trying to make democracy work by pushing power down to the people."
The media helps further the narrative by constantly describing him as a "billionaire activist" like he's secretly Batman or something. But he's not all talk or an Oprah-enabled flake. He founded NextGen America, which works to fight climate change by supporting candidates who actually believe it exists. He's even praised Alexandria Ocashew Cortex's Green New Deal. (most of his money was made on fossil fuel energy corporations, but we won't mention that).  AOC stated once that a world that allows for billionaires is "immoral.", so Steyer is trying to put his best billionaire foot forward by pledging  to donate half of his fortune to charity during his lifetime: That's ... zero fewer dinners out, but sure, great! Tom plans to live to 150, so there's no hurry. 

But can a white male corporate savior thrive in this primary race full of commies, expert race baiters, and dare I say,  nasty women?  The timing of Steyer's announcement is interesting. It's been a couple weeks since Crazy Joe's shaky performance at the Democrat debates. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have steadily risen in the polls, because they are 'Crockett and Tubbs' awesome.  So Tommy plans to take $100 million from his couch cushions and spend it on his campaign to see if it will help secure Steyer a spot at the next Democratic debate down on the far end of the bench with the lovely Marianne Williamson.

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