Saturday, August 24, 2019

Adam Schiff Must Now Step Aside Because America Needs "More Everyday People In Congress" Says His Drag Queen Challenger

The Yapping Chihuahuas of Diversity Shall Turn and Bite You in the Ass 

The democrat party is now solidly the party of identity politics. They’ve gone to great lengths in recent years introducing Marxist concepts like intersectionality into their party’s platform. Like an oppression olympics, democrat politicians seem to have a scorecard rating them by their race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation to develop a score of how “untouchable” they are based on the groups, sub-groups, and sub-sub-groups the Left uses to scream bigotry at any question or criticism they don’t agree. The democrats have made a habit of crying racist/bigot/homophobe/nazi when anyone in their new caste system is given even the slightest scrutiny.

Shifty Adam Schiff (D-CA) now must prove his wokeness to the party because he faces a primary challenge from the nation’s first drag queen ever elected to public office. Maebe A. Girl (yes, this is a real name) will go face-to-heavily-made-up-face with Adam in an open primary challenging Schiff for his seat in the House for California’s 28th Congressional seat. Right now, Washington’s all messed up. Congress is full of rich white guys and Maebe wants to fix that; it’s time for Capitol Hill to get some regular ol’ everyday-American folks:
“We need more everyday people in Congress—its overwhelmingly older, white, wealthy men, and that’s just not representative of America, or my district.”

On Girl’s campaign website it states Girl is genderfluid/trans pronouns she/her, for those of you who aren’t sufficiently woke that means Girl is a man who identifies as a woman and prefers to be addressed as a woman and dresses like a woman. And since Girl’s gender is fluid that may explain why the legal name change included a term “maybe”.

By democrat standards, since Schiff is a raving cis-hetero white male (meaning he's cursed and knows what gender he really is and allegedly attracted to women) he has no right to stand in the way of diversity and should man-up and end his bid for re-election immediately. Unfortunately for Schiff those are the rules.  According to democrat orthodoxy if Schiff runs against Girl he is only perpetuating the oppression of the white male patriarchy and continuing the oppression of minority voices in “Trump’s America”. Anything less then pulling out of the race is obvious hypocrisy when it comes to the party’s claims of support for the LGBTQ community.

Remember that Rep.Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) of the Squad, insinuated that only members of a marginalized group can represent said marginalized group, so if you’re a democrat who claims to support LGBTQ rights you must demand Schiff step aside. Or else he may become Adaline Schiff.

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