Monday, August 12, 2019

Bet You Won't See This Story on CNN

Anyone who has wasted time watching either CNN or MSNBC knows who April Ryan is. White House correspondent for National Urban Radio (what ever that is) and an obnoxious cable news channel racial flame thrower, she's been one of the loudest of the media mouths to criticize DJT's attack on Fake News, and a leading proponent of the delusional idea DJT is suppressing free speech. She also has gone as far as insist that as members of the media they are in danger of physical attacks because people believe they don't tell the truth anymore, as if that is a new development. 

So it seems quite ironic, not to mention a wee bit of hypocrisy, that she would be involved in such action as happen at a recent event where she giving a speech. A reporter with New Brunswick Today, an independent community news organization, had his camera removed at her signal, and then moments later physically attacked by Ryan’s personal goon at an event held at The Heldrich Hotel in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Video footage (below) captured by the outlet shows Ryan, complete with her newest wig-hat, starting to deliver a keynote speech right before the altercation occurred. As she begins speaking, she glances in the direction of New Brunswick Today reporter Charlie Kratovil’s camera in an odd manner. Soon after, her security approaches her, and she nods approvingly. Ryan then just stands there silent up until the moment someone snatches the camera. Ryan then continues to speak.

According to New Brunswick Today, the reporter was invited media and that his camera had been “rolling the entire night” until Ryan directed her security guard to snatch it from him.

Looking like a ghetto street mugging, complete with your obligatory yelling black female..........hotel footage shows the later part of the confrontation outside the room as Kratovil tries to retrieve his camera and gets bodily thrown out the door. 

"If my invitation was a mistake, it was one that was repeated, confirmed in writing by the person who sent me the invitations, affirmed by the authorized on-site event personnel, and consistently reinforced over the course of several days leading up to the event, and on the night in question.
Until you look a little closer, do you understand why not one mention of this incident in the news even though it involved a black woman and self important member of the media. The event was titled 4th Annual New Jersey Parent Summit, hosted by "Project READY", a minority run non-profit pushing racial equity & diversity training and multicultural (there's that word again) curriculum.

This event at the Heldrich Hotel was not for white people. New Brunswick Today sent a melanin challenged reporter with a camera to a closed door, invite only event thrown by a progressive regressive education organization partnering with the black dominated school district, with the keynote speech by an instigator and well known member of the leftist media, an event where things could be said openly that others of us can't say, and certainly don't want them recorded. Ryan's brand of toxic racial, anti-Trump triads on-air border on insanity, even though you can tell she's holding back, something she probably wouldn't do among a friendly minority long as there are no cameras rolling.

Meanwhile, with her mind eaten up with TDS and newly felt elitism of having her own bodyguard to order around, April Ryan still has her seat reserved in the WH briefing room, despite the fact she's a disruption, disrespectful, a bigot, fat and ugly and a major league bore.....


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