Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Running The Clown Car Through The Wash and Burning Piles Of Money

Tom Steyer, of Tom Steyer Says Americans Need Trump Impeached Because Tom Steyer Say's So fame, has already dropped 20 Million bucks on his impeachment fetish. But billionaire activist Tom Steyer enjoys setting his money on fire. It's so pretty! He's just dropped $2.9 million carpet bombing Facebook with ads since he launched his vanity campaign to be your next President. That's three times as much as Krissy Gillibrand spent reminding Facebook users she's blonde and still exists. While Steyer had his checkbook out anyway, he's dropped another $7 million on TV commercials over the past month. That's the best grassroots campaign money can buy, baby!

He's targeting the early primary states of Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina, and his "Charlotte's Web"-style ad blitz has voters going THAT'S SOME BILLIONAIRE RIGHT THERE! He's reached the required two percent minimum in three DNC-approved polls. He needs to hit that mark in one more and he'll have scored his golden ticket to the next Democratic debate stage.  With cash, anything is possible. That heart-warming reality is what inspires us to participate in the democratic process! 

Steyer boasted on MSNBC's 'Morning with Squinty & Meat Puppet' that he'd also met the other arbitrary DNC requirement of 130,000 individual donors.

By running the Clown Car through the wash, the DNC's debate weed-out process isn't totally useless. It should keep Marianne Sparkleshine Stardust Williamson off the debate stage in September. She is just using the platform to communicate with the gaseous beings from her home planet through coded messages disguised as crack-scented self-help jargon. As soon as they come pick her up, she'll suspend her campaign, I'm sure.

As of today, only nine of the two dozen Democrats running are set for the next debates. Four of them are already white guys. But there are no billionaires. We guess Steyer will bring a new perspective. He could make the debates more engaging by offering candidates the indecent proposal of $1 million in cash to immediately drop out of the race.

Steyer also wants to overturn Citizens United because he doesn't think it's fair for anyone to compete with labor unions and taxpayer funded for-profits like Plan Parenthood who give millions to the dems every election cycle. No Sir! Just individuals with the economic might of a corporation. He believes so strongly in public financing of campaigns he's vowed to spend $100 million or more of his personal funds to run for president. We're not even sure what his point is. It's like when Donald Duck tried to convince his nephews not to smoke by making them smoke a pack of cigars all at once.

On the Squinty & Meat Puppet show, Steyer treated all to an extended boredom remix of his non-hit single, "I'm An Outsider, So I Can Fix Everything." It's not even an original track. Go home Tom, play some Tennis. The Dems are crazy enough already.....

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