Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Sorry. Tank Abrams Will Not Be Your Next President

EARL Done This

In what has become one of the more hilarious aspects of American politics, are hacks with not a snowball's chance in hell of winning a particular office, ceremoniously announcing they won't seek that office. It's even more ludicrous when someone who can't even win a state wide election announces they won't seek an even higher office, like they would actually have a chance to begin with.

Take Stacey Abrams for example, a woman with so little integrity as to refuse to even now concede the Georgia election to the legally elected Governor. In a speech in Las Vegas yesterday, she announced she would not run for president, as if anyone cared, but told the New York Times she "would be honored to be considered by any nominee" as his or her running mate. I know it lonely being a fake governor, but don't hold your breath Tank.

In that same speech Abrams channeled her inner-racist having this to say: 
"This is our country. And our voices will be heard, and in 2020, we will shout louder and harder and more than we ever have before, because this is our time and the power is ours and we will not let anyone take it from us.”
Who is this 'we' she speaks of??

The Republican National Committee responded wryly to her openness to being vice president. "I’d have to check the constitutionality of being both vice president and governor of Georgia at the same time being that she still has not conceded her 2018 gubernatorial loss," RNC spokesman Steve Guest told the Washington Free Beacon.  As for now, she has decided to continue her campaign of whining about losing and helping create a farcical narrative for media consumption of voter suppression (what we call protecting the rights of legal citizen's votes) as an excuse for Dems losing in 2020. 

If Abrams actually cared about the integrity of elections, she'd finally concede the governor's race she lost by 55,000 votes. Even liberal election law experts have dismissed her claims as irresponsible and without merit.

Here's Tank being a sore loser and threatening our democracy, according to Democrats.
Your rules, Democrats.......

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