Monday, August 19, 2019

The Media Opens Up A Second Front in War On DJT

Having put all their resources into the failed Russian Collusion Myth, the media had to quickly pivot to their rock-ribbed standby, the well rehearsed traditional racism charge they now push 24/7. But in between yelling RACISM they're ramping up a second front, one democrats welcome the media help push - create fear in the stock market and consumers and hope it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of downturn in the economy.

Why wouldn’t they try and convince investors to fear a collapse in the market and therefore reduce the risk they would take in that market? We’ve heard them base their assessment in this most recent claim the economy is heading into a recession by looking at the inverted bond yield, which of course is a big scary economic word that could easily be used to plead toward the ignorance of voters, because for the most part nobody knows what the hell that means. What the average American hears is your job is in jeopardy, and we are all going to hell in a hand basket because TRUMP!

The media consistently uses the ignorance of their audience as a weapon as we have all witnessed for over two years, and now take a cherry picked data point and a group of willing “experts” to spread doom and gloom and potentially create fear in the market, even when it’s not warranted. You know, some of the same people who told us 2% GDP was the “new normal”. 

Let’s not forget that New York Times Exalted Economist, Nobel prize winner and Two Time "DMF ASSHAT OF THE YEAR" Award Winner Paul Krugman, claimed the economy was going into recession in a piece he wrote the day after Trump was elected. The Democrats and their media sycophants need the market to falter. With the large group of economic dunces they’ve fielded for 2020, none have presented anything even resembling a coherent policy aside from "Donald Trump is the devil and if you don’t vote for me all your children will die". So a poor economy is their best bet for winning the election and they will do whatever it takes to win regardless of whose lives they disrupt or destroy.

As little refresher, here are just a few examples I pulled up of the times the Democrat media claimed we were heading into a recession:

  • MSNBC December 2017: GOP tax bill could trigger a 'recession': Rep. Tim Ryan: 
  • Washington Post May 2017:  Chance of a recession by 2022 is 70 percent, according to this major investment firm
  • Washington Post January 2018: Opinion: The Trump Recession is coming: Democrats score their wins when Republican presidents stumble into late-term economic woes.
  • Washington Post January 2018: "The risks of a recession are rising — and Trump might be to blame" via @postopinions
  • CNN August 2018: Housing and rates are worrying some economists that a recession is looming. "We're not there yet, but this is what led us to the housing crash," one economist said MSNBC
  • December 2018: Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller tells @AliVelshi that the economy may be due for a recession

  • It is prudent to ask with this information why we should believe the media and their “experts” who have been claiming a recession will coming any minute since Trump was elected. No reasonable person can look at this and not conclude that the media has tried to create fear rather report prosperity. I think at this point it’s quite obvious that the democrats are now attempting to dream a recession into existence..........And All Y'all RAYSSIST!

    ~ Thank You MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage! ~

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