Monday, September 16, 2019

Step Off Julio

Damn Julio. What were you thinkin'? We all know it's outright heresy in the democrat party to criticize the family members, especially one who has a fetish for little girls and likes to cop a feel from grown women during photo-ops, says stupid things, makes things up and tries to pretend he was anything more important than the Obama Administration Court Jester. And you do realize he backed down a black gangsta named Pop Corn once upon a time, and has threatened to take people behind the Gym and beat their ass?

Everyone knows Biden is a boob. But No. With that smug Hispanic Laraza mug of yours you had to go there didn't ya. Pretty much called Joe Biden senile and have since double-doubled down on that.  And now your gonna go lose support from some loyal Texans. [insert Longhorns Down hand sign here]. Not even bribing black folks with reparations and promising Chiquita with open border will save your sorry ass now. Just Step Off Julio.
Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro lost one of his congressional endorsements Sunday, with Texas Rep. Vicente González switching to support former Vice President Joe Biden. 
González was one of three Texas representatives who endorsed the former HUD secretary, along with Castro’s twin brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, and Rep. Colin Allred. González announced his endorsement for Julián Castro in March, saying at the time, “I know firsthand his passion for expanding opportunity for the Latino community, people of color, and historically disenfranchised communities, as well as his unparalleled dedication to building a bench of dynamic Democratic candidates in Texas and nationally.” 
González announced his switch to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning, saying: 
“I think at this point in time we need to narrow the field and unite as Democrats to defeat Trump in November 2020. And that is why I believe I’m moving my support to Vice President Joe Biden.”
Julio is polling a strong single digit in the back of the pack, and the last uppity debate performance won't change that. Piérdete Julio. 

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