Monday, September 30, 2019

The Washington Post Comical Slobbering Day Dream

The Washington Post putting forth preposterous journalism is so common it isn’t necessarily newsworthy anymore. But the reason this matters is because it’s a window into just how shamelessly democrat pillow biters dream of abusing the impeachment powers to further their grip on the nation. Impeachment fever has taking over the left. Media outlets such as The Washington Post & NYT have gone into overdrive. They are grasping at anything and everything.

No news is too fake, no source is too thin to push. This means delivering a daily deluge of political porn for democrats and the latest delusion is that they’ll somehow impeach Mike Pence as well. I’m reliably told this all leads to Nancy Pelosi becoming president.

It can’t happen. I mean, it could technically, but I could also find a million dollars under my bed tonight. I’ll let you game out the chances of that.

Now, notice how they label this "perspective" as if it’s some truthful, succinct explanation of the situation and not a delusional gambit. On what grounds is Mike Pence going to be impeached? Conversing with DJT? Or is the suggestion that he’s somehow involved in some grand conspiracy? It’s also worth remembering that Pence is still part of the Republican club. On what planet would any significant number of Republican Senators vote to remove him from office, especially when Nancy Pelosi is next in line?

It’s not going to happen, but the bigger goal here is to continue to push the media narrative that not only is Trump evil, but so is everyone else in his administration and everyone who voted for him. No one is off limits, everyone is to be destroyed. Removing DJT would never be enough, nor Mike Pence, and they’d do the same thing when another Republican is president some years from now.

They aren’t going to stop. This is the new normal and Republicans can either get busy fighting or, politically speaking, get busy dying.

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