Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Oh Sweet Jesus They're Not Really Doing This Again are They?? Dems Debate #41 of 120

It's time for another Democratic debate!  There is only 80 or something more of these before the candidate field is finally whittled down to the top five or so, none of  which will be as good as the SNL versions.   I'm convinced CNN is intent on killing once and for all what little ratings they still have after their last town hall 'Queer Fest and Men in Dresses Extravaganza' that would have turned off most of America if they had known it was on.

The DNC is done spreading the debate manure over two nights when there were more than 10 candidates and made most dems dream of something more pleasant, like dysentery, and probably will again because ALL 12 BOZOS are going to be on the stage at the same time.  Enforced time limits (for everyone but Kamala cause the nasally Voodoo Queen just won't shut up) won't actually offer time to make a real points or use those lame canned zingers they payed staff to think up.  And who not will miss Joe and his annoying professorial verbal bullet points. #1 blah blah blah, #2 blah blah blah......  

And despite how the DNC tried to move the goal post to keep Tulsi Gabbard out of the primaries because she's not down with all the sissy men wearing dresses and has a little problem with Mohammedans running around cutting peoples heads off, will be one on stage and will surely take, and give some fire.

But I won't be watching because Marianne Sparkleshine Stardust Williamson didn't make the cut and won't be there. It's just not the same without her focus on the love, the light of the universe from the third eye that shines down upon us and bask us with the warmth of feeling and brings harmony together across the globe.

No, just not the same........

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