Monday, November 11, 2019

Lizzy Gets in a Tizzy at Injustice Forum

Despite her own dubious past with cultural appropriation, Sen. Lizzy Warren loves to talk about racial injustice. She’ll accuse virtually anyone on either side of the aisle of sketchy racial motivations – or of supporting agendas that are racist – if it benefits her political aspirations.  However, it’s clear that Warren would rather not face any questions about racial inequality when the subject matter hits too close to her tepee.

Meet Amy Goodwin. She’s the hardcore left-wing host of "Democracy Now!" a modern day underground railroad of leftist rumor and propaganda heard on public radio around the country.  In some soft skull leftist presidential forum done for the interwebs, she expressed her concern about how white Iowa and New Hampshire are. Ms. Goodwin seems to think that, since their populations are heavily Caucasian, their “first in the nation” primary status should be revoked in favor of more diverse states. She posed the question to Lizzy:
"Speaking of racial injustice, do you think the order of the primary states should change?"
Lizzy quickly waved off the question. It’s clear from her answer that she didn’t want to discuss it, but watch the clip below. The really interesting moment comes as the interview quickly ends and Warren walks off the stage. Goodman says ‘thank you’ and Warren responds with a terse, sarcastic, “Yeah.”

Remember, Democrats. Don’t do to Warren what she does to everyone else. She doesn’t care for it. And Epstein didn't kill himself.

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