Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tater Tries His Hand at Hard Hitting Investigative Journalism

CNN’s media “hall monitor” Brian Stelter, devoted an entire segment on Sunday’s edition of the ironically name Reliable Sources, to obsessing over DJT's spelling mistakes on the Tweeter. While he did concede that “everybody makes spelling mistakes,” Stelter seemed to think that the President’s Twitter typos deserve double extra special scrutiny, implying that Trump's spelling habits have an impact on his ability to run the country effectively.

Tater spent the segment making the case that “Donald Trump makes a lot more spelling errors" than “most people.” The media critic complained that he had “never seen anyone do a comprehensive study of DJT's spelling errors or look at what they mean” before plugging an “excellent website” called Factbase that "has every single word the President says” and “looks at all of Trump’s tweets, even the deleted ones, for...typos and other screw-ups.”

According to Factbase, Trump has made “more than 188 spelling errors on Twitter” since taking office in early 2017. Stelter went on to highlight some specific examples of Trump’s Twitter typos, to then focusing on the data surrounding President Trump’s spelling errors and stacked the President up against Democrat politicians.  Bernie Sanders is said to have made only three mistakes, while Barky Obama of course has a spotless spelling record when it comes to his Twitter account.  Tater conveniently leaves out that Sanders nor Chicago Jesus are believed to actually posted their own tweets.

Stelter brought on an employee from Factbase, Bill Fischling, who advised President Trump to “turn on autocorrect.” Apparently, Fischling forgot that autocorrect doesn't always work like it should, and in some cases, the program can create errors rather than fix them.

This brings up two important questions. Why does there even exist and who funds a website devoted to tracking anyone's misspelled words on the tweeter?  And why is this effeminate, bulbous headed Telatubby looking excuse for a journalist on my TV.

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