Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Onward Over Yonder Cliff.....

Julius Caesar is purported to have said "alea iacta est" (translation: The die is cast.when his armies crossed the Rubicon river. (The only living witness to this is Brian Williams, so we have to take his word for it.)  Caesar, who at the time was in the  midst of fighting the Roman Civil War, had taken his armies beyond what was then the northern boundary of Italy in defiance of the Roman Senate Guys. At that point, he knew he’d reached the point of no return.  This is where “crossing the Rubicon” comes from, as well, but there’s no better way to wax pseudo-intellectually than to use Latin phraseology in place of an English idiom wouldn't you say??

Anyway, Nan Pelosi and her House Committee flying monkeys had an "alea iacta est" moment a few weeks ago.  They were no doubt aware of how polling was trending when it came to the public opinion of their impeachment and attempt to remove DJT.  According to the RealClearPolitics average, since mid-December a plurality of Americans have been against it or the polling average has been a tie.

In December, the Democrats threw the die for the first time: an impeachment vote against Trump, which coincided almost precisely with the moment the polling average began turning against the Democrats.  They were no closer to removing him, but they’d rolled the dice and taken their chances.  And the polling average continued to turn against them.

Since then, they’ve cast the die again, this time in terms of their messaging in the run-up to the trial.  Majority Mitch refused to hold the Senate trial that Democrats would have preferred which is to say, messy and protracted, with privileges and protections afforded to Democrats in the Senate that Democrats would have never dreamed of extending to Republicans in the House, so Pelosi decided to sit on the articles and only handed them to the Senate last Wednesday.  Even then, the Democrats made sure to let America know how solemn and somber an occasion the delivery of the articles was, that is if you discount the pompous signing ceremony complete with those nifty custom pens.

Now that most Senate Republicans have made it clear they don’t support allowing new witnesses to be called because that should have been the House’s job, not the Senate’s, Democrats are predictably livid.  Right on cue Chuck Schumer said "That’s a cover-up, not a trial." This petulance, which is Chuck's major political attribute,  will last throughout the trial no matter how long it goes.

The die has been cast multiple times and the Rubicon has been crossed. There were plenty of times the Democrats could have turned back. But, even staring down poll numbers that should have disabused them of any desire to go the way of impeachment, they marched on unabated, straight for a cliff.

As they say, "Fools rush in to cry over spilled milk"...or something. At least Caesar became the dictator of the Roman Republic for his trouble. Nan and Chuck can’t even get a decent poll.

[Western Journal]

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