Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Beto O’Rourke of Georgia Threatens to Banish Trump Supporters from Society

The state of Georgia is known for their most excellent peanuts, but are quickly becoming known for political nuts too, like Tank Abrams, Hank Johnson and Jon Ossoff.

You remember democrat man-child Jon Ossoff? He’s the millennial douchebag democrat that burned through $30 million of liberal Hollywood money to lose a U.S. Rep. special election in Georgia. Well, he’s back and running for Senate as the “cancel culture” candidate. His platform seems to be that he will banish all Trump supporters from society and destroy conservatism.

Presumably he’s counting on a lot more celebrity dollars to make this happen. After taking some time to lick his wounds, the Beto of Georgia is now running for the U.S. Senate. If this video is any indication of his campaign to come, his latest effort to lose and waste other people’s money will be very entertaining.

In what looks like 
karaoke night at a TGI Friday’s or an Applebees, Ossoff is seen yelling at people in the bar, while others look like they are trying to enjoy their meals.
“We need to send a message this year. We need to send a message that if you indulge this kind of politics, you’re not just going to get beaten, your’e going to get beaten so bad you can never run or show your face again in public. Because we have had enough! Absolutely enough of what we are getting from Donald Trump and his fellow travelers.”
That’s some bold talk from a guy who has literally never beaten anyone, even with the financial and PR support of Hollywood celebrities. Ossoff says that he and his kind have had enough of whatever they’re getting from Trump supporters. Guess what? Trump supporters, Republicans, and conservatives have had enough from whiny-ass liberal soyboy snowflakes threatening to cancel us all the time.

Ossoff might want to clue himself onto is the sad tale of Beto O’Rourke. Once a democratic party superstar, poor Beto slunk back to his hipster doofus habitat in disgrace.  Hollywood liberals backed him as a way of indirectly going after Trump.  Once O’Rourke was no longer a useful idiot in their proxy war on Trump and leftist discovered what a goober he is, they turned their backs on him. The same thing will happen to Ossoff.

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