Monday, January 20, 2020

The NYT Editorial Board Couldn't Decide Which Kooky Democrat to Endorse, So They Cut Two Out of The Herd

The New York Times editorial board announced Sunday night that it was formally endorsing two candidates to be the best choices for the lone 2020 Democratic nominee to take on evil DJT: Lizzy Warren and Amy Klobuth...something.

Considering the schizophrenic tendencies of the different lunatic visions within the Democrat party these days, choosing candidates from competing wings of the Party, the extreme left progtard wing, Senator Lizzy, and the only slightly less extreme progtard wing, Senator Amy, was probably a easy choiceNo white guys up in here!
“Some in the party view President Trump as an aberration and believe that a return to a more sensible America is possible. Then there are those who believe that President Trump was the product of political and economic systems so rotten that they must be replaced.”
So, the country is no longer sensible and the we need someone who can kill capitalism. So what's more sensible and destructive then a post-menopausal woman?? Yeah, let's endorse Lizzy, everyone's vision of a self-medicated crazy cat lady, and another who reminds everyone of that one mean school teacher they all hated, and you just knew she secretly enjoyed getting drunk and kicking puppies.

Yeah, that's the NYTs. Power To The Correct People!!!

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