Friday, January 3, 2020

University Hires Famous Failure to Hand Out Graduate Diplomas

I can't help but see the irony in this news. She failed at health care reform. She failed at diplomacy. She failed at keeping track of her law firm billing records. She failed to make any noticeable impact as a U.S. senator. She failed as a wife. She failed as a presidential candidate. And she even managed to fail as a presidential loser, going completely off the rails and proving herself to be a conspiratorial kook in the aftermath of her loss. But that didn't stop Belfast's Queens University from hiring Hillary Clinton as the new Chancellor.

I know Ireland is an island unto itself, but don't they realize they just hired a crime moll whose proudest accomplishment is the fact that she’s managed to avoid prison in spite of all the corruption and dirty dealings she’s been at the center of.

It will probably be Hillary who hands them their diplomas at commencement, which will probably make them think long and hard about whether they actually want to graduate.  But the BBC seems to think this is some sort of score for Queens:
While the role of chancellor is mainly a ceremonial one, securing Mrs Clinton will be seen as a coup for Queen’s.
The chancellor often presides at graduation ceremonies and is also an ambassador for the university abroad. Mrs Clinton will also act as an advisor to the vice-chancellor Prof Ian Greer and senior management.
The only value in receiving advice for Hillary Clinton is so you can find out what not to do. But you don’t need to be in the same room with her to glean that. All you have to do is study her abject failure of a life.

In the off chance you’re enrolled at Queens University and you’re reading this, I highly recommend you transfer somewhere else. A toxic poison has entered your midst, and we Americans can tell you that once it settles in, it will never go away.  The only silver lining here will be the look on Hillary’s face when someone explains to her that this doesn’t actually make her the queen of anything.


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