Saturday, March 21, 2020

Joe Biden Plans to do Mystery Science Theater on Trump Press Conferences

His house is being outfitted with equipment that would enable him to live-stream and he's going to pretend he has a job where he has pretend press conferences to correct the lies & deceptions of DJT, update people on the on the coronavirus and functioning of government, even though he doesn't work for the government.

If he decides to come out of the dark an bumble his way through a made-up press conference, he'll simply remind people how lame he is.  Biden's handlers must have gotten some assurances from the media they will cover for him to try a stunt like this.  The chance of it blowing up in their faces is pretty high and reeks of desperation, with huge downside risk of Biden making yet another dementia-seeming gaffe. Internal polling for Biden versus Trump must be horrible!

At what point do they have to tie a rope around Joe's ankle so that he doesn't get disoriented and wander off. Too think that there are people who consider him a viable candidate for anything is an indication of the high level of their desperation. It's hard to see how this is a good idea for his campaign or the country.

I look forward to an accidental live feed of Joe Biden in an open bathrobe and boxer shorts barking at half a dozen highly paid aides who are doing their best to help him find his slipper. Or what are the chances they just dub a voice over his like the actor in the Liberty Mutual commercials. They could call it "Uncle Joe's Poolside Chats".

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