Monday, March 2, 2020

Klobs Is Taking Her Salad Comb and Going Home

You won't have old Amy to throw staplers at you any more. At least she outlasted her arch rival Mayo Pete Buttigig.  Frau Blucher surveys her empty campaign headquarters. "All that matters is I lasted longer than Pete did," she says, before dousing the place in gasoline and flicking a lit cigarette. Funny how this happened right after Black Lives Matter demonstrators got in her face about sending a black criminal to prison. And ironically she plans to endorse the guy who can’t remember the word equalThere are no brakes on the clown car.....

There's only a few welcomed guests left. Others have gracefully said their goodbyes and gone home. Now it's time for Senator Lizzy to put down the onion dip mix and the sour cream. Grab your coat. Call an Uber. And go the f*@# home.  

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