Monday, April 20, 2020

The Plastic Face Lady - "How Dare They Defy My Diktats".

Frau Whitmer (D-Michigan) She Will Punish You.

Jobs are being destroyed, mortgages are in arrears, businesses have closed and many will never re-open. If there’s one thing that’s becoming increasingly obvious about the coronavirus lockdown, it’s that some people are getting really, really sick of it.  
The last few days have been rife with protests, as people across the country let their governors know how they feel.  Onerous shutdowns are going to have to end soon or we’re going to be facing genuine social disorder and economic collapse.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in Michigan.

Over the weekend, protests erupted in Lansing, and the Governor, Frau Whitmer, is none too pleased that her Michiganders have dared defy her quarantine diktats and her Bizarro-World definitions of “essential” and “non-essential."  Appearing on conspiracy central's Rickey Maddow show, she deflected the protests as nothing more than political rallies.  Because of them, she claims she may need to punish the state by extending her lockdown order. *Clicks Heels* 

It's weird how leftists only seem to call protests “political rallies” when they target Democrats.  If the exact same protest had been aimed at a Republican governor, it would have been portrayed as a brave display of resistance, or “the highest form of patriotism.” And It’s unclear whether Whitmer genuinely believes her random proclamations about “non-essential” goods, services and activities are really helping the situation, or if she’s just playing to her party in pursuit of the vice presidency.  What is clear is that her state is getting sick of her. The recall petition has picked up steam.

Fair or not, she’s become an avatar for the worst sort of capricious, nanny-state tyrant.  Whatever goodwill she enjoyed outside of Detroit and Lansing is quickly evaporating, and the anti-Whitmer voices are only getting louder.  Expect that to be accelerated by the punitive notion that you are kids in the back seat got noisy, and the grown-ups are angry.  Your betters apparently think you may need to be punished. In fact, they might just turn the state right around and keep you trapped in your homes for another month or so.  Don’t think they won’t do it, either.

[Robert Laurie]
[Institute For Regressive Policies]

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