Tuesday, July 21, 2020

That Creepy Noise Coming From The Basement

I was reminded today that Joe Biden was still running for president.  Remember him?  A commuter train ridin' senator for pretty much his entire life, one who praised southern segregationist,  once used the word 'nigger' thirteen times in a committee meeting, wrote laws that made us the largest incarcerators of it's citizens in the world, then got picked to be the Obama Administrations Official Court Jester.  After that he bumbled his way through a series of circular firing squads debates with roughly 85 other would-be Democratic candidates until they all decided to drop out, the DNC gave him the 2020 nomination and he disappeared into a sunken safe-room.

Joe Biden is running probably the most unusual political campaign in modern American history, making videos in his basement that serve to remind us that he is still in fact seeking the office of commander-in-chief without Barky Obama's teleprompter skills and rivaling Al Sharpton linguistics expertise.  I'm not sure how much of it has to do with lockdown measures, which at most seem to be giving Biden's leftist handlers an excuse to push their own extreme ideas in his name.

In addition to pledging not to hold a single rally, Joe recently went three months without taking a single question from a member of the press.  The sanctimonious Dorks at the Lincoln Project have pointed out that Trump is the first president since Andrew Jackson not to own a dog. This is true. But Biden himself is also a throwback to the Age of Jackson by refusing to give public speeches or hold events, or do anything else that would give the general public the impression that he could actually handle the job of commander-in-chief. It is possible that, despite his recent protests to the contrary, he will even find an excuse not to debate Trump, as Tom Friedman and others have advised him. 

If you think about it, there is one remarkable thing about this strategy.  Like Hillary four years ago, Biden is making his opponent the focus of the election, with more or less total airtime from the media. Last time around it seems not to have occurred to anyone that at some point you have to make the case for why you are good alongside the stuff about the all-consuming badness of your opponent.

Back in early February it looked as if  DJT had emerged from three years of show-boating hearings and Democratic scandal mongering more or less unscathed, with record-low unemployment figures. But this is not the country we live in today.

According to our betters in the media, the vast majority of the American people would prefer something that seems like a return to normal. "Normal" here refers to a country in which more Americans died of drug overdoses each year than were killed during the war in Vietnam, continually rising Obamacare induced health-care costs, obesity, depression. This is true for the same reason that it does not matter that the atmosphere of chaos we have spent the last three and a half years reading about was largely a matter of media selectivity. (Ask yourself how CNN would have covered something like Fast and Furious if it had taken place during this administration, much less a tragedy like the one in Benghazi.) Under a Biden administration all of this would disappear.

It would no longer be assumed that it is unconstitutional for presidents to use leverage to secure desired foreign policy outcomes or that meeting with Russian leaders (as every American president has done for more than half a century) was treasonous. Deportations would continue and income inequality would rise. The news, though, would make for more wholesome reading again. And the Tweeter would suddenly revert back to the land of unfunny comedians and being simply what journalists do with most of their time and not the source of their reporting as well.

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