Wednesday, August 19, 2020

And Now Let's Listen in on the Future Unicorn Breeders of America

I think we can all agree Democrats in The Year of Our Lord 2020 sound as if they are pod people from a different world, and their mission is to make the rest of us like them. By force of need be. This election season, to go along with the weirdness of the senile man in a basement, is a sometime surreal nomination show so Kafka-esque that it looks like it should be playing on a flickering Trinitron in the background of a David Cronenberg movie. (check out the ending to night one).

The nightly primetime events contain nothing of any substance. With the exception of a few carefully obfuscated nuggets in the old commie curmudgeon Sanders speech and the babbling marxist AOC, you’d be hard pressed to know what the Dems actually want to do. For that juicy information, you need to watch the DNC panel discussions.

These broadcasts may be little more than torturous endurance tests, but they’re also where the meat meets the road of the Dems’ plan for your life. This is the stuff that lefties like Rashida Tlaib want to see in the party platform. It’s where you get a sense of the base’s true goals.

Let's listen in shall we....

Yeah, these are the kind of 'citizens' who will be teaching children, and in positions to decide if you get euthanized because your kidneys are going bad and the limited medical resources are better spent for transgender sex changes procedures......


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