Monday, August 24, 2020

They Fail to Deliver on Even the Most Elementary Responsibility of Those Empowered Only to Serve the Public — Protecting the Lives and Property of the Citizens.

The first words of our Constitution state the first principle of our state, the people are the sovereigns. The source of our government’s power is the people themselves. People create governments; governments do not create people. We are not a state called into being by a king or a prophet.

Those who will exercise rule do so in our name. We are the sovereigns, and only by our consent do our rulers rule. For better or for worse, this is a nation for which we are responsible. Because our Constitution and our government results from our own choices, we have no excuse to slough off the responsibility for how it turns out.  For better or for worse, we are connected to our fellow citizen-sovereigns. Whether that citizen is a fool or a genius, kind or insensitive, intelligent or boorish, that citizen has exactly the same status as every other – one vote, one share of the national sovereignty.

To try to evade the need to communicate by requiring  and intimidating others to think, speak, and act only in a way they define is a stark betrayal of this most basic building block of our republic;  We, the People.  Public servants who are loyal to the government at the people’s expense have proven their incompetence and their disloyalty to their citizens, as we now are witnessing in our Democrat run big cities. 

By fighting racial bias by being biased doesn’t work.

By protesting unthinking and illegal brutality and violence by using unthinking and illegal brutality and violence doesn’t work either.

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