Monday, November 23, 2020

The Party of Science. Democrats??

CNN Resident Soft Skull, Don Lemon

Is there anything more hilarious than the idea of someone at CNN, the most vicious divider of the american public, suggesting it might be time now to come together as Americans??  On Friday’s CNN Tonight, Don Lemon and his buddy Fareed Zakaria teamed up for a mutual masterbation session and orgy of bashing Republicans for daring to disagree with CNN. Among other things, Lemon attacked Trump voters as “people who don’t believe in science,” “facts,” and “reality”.

Lots of people (most of them Democrats) think of the Democrat Party as the party of science, in asserting themselves as people of rationality and objective facts (as opposed to people of “blind” faith), and their ideological opponents.

I wonder, was Lemon speaking of disagreeing with his 'Party of Science' that believes a heart beat is not life? That it's vessel is just insignificant tissue and an unwanted intrusion if one chooses it to be so. Science?  Insignificant tissue is the wart on the back of you hand, or a benign tumor. Neither of which could grow to stand on the surface of the Moon, or create Great Art or Music.

Or was he speaking of the 'Party of Science' that believes a man can be a women just because they want to be, that if a person’s gender identity does not match his or her sex, then that person’s sex is determined by his or her gender identity. To assert that a person changes his or her sex whenever his or her “internal sense of being male or female” changes means somebody flunked Biology 101.

Or maybe he speaks of the Party of Science on climate change, of the consensus that the planet has been warming due to human carbon emissions. The climate trend over the last several hundred years is not one anybody credible disputes, because the climate has been Changing For The Last 4 Billion Years!! We are still retreating from the last Ice Age!

I could go on, but you get the idea. Media today like CNN is pure propaganda, with their prominent sidebar of covid death tolls and positive test numbers, but no sign of asymptomatic cases, recovery stats or false positives. Just fear mongering. 

And Science is not always settled. Just as history has to be revisited as facts are discovered, science cannot see absolute truths in some areas. Only what can be ascertained by the facts that are known. But activist and the media, emotions and propaganda, do not hold the keys to the truth. And Don Lemon is a real Dickhead. Don't be like Don Lemon.

or Tater Stelter.......

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