Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Social Justice Warriors Took a Damaging Broadside.

When every vote cast (real and fraudulent) has been counted, Joe Biden will probably have enough states to claim victory. But this is not a moment for Democrats to celebrate as it could have been.  Arrogant Democrats failed to win a Senate majority and appears to have lost ground in the House.  Some want San Fran Nan's head on a spike, and an internal party civil war may be ahead.  That means that Biden is on track to be a weak, ineffectual president governing at the mercy of Mitch McConnell's Machiavellian machinations.

So much for the Democratic fantasy, the one that seemingly never dies, of unobstructed rule.  Democrats didn't just want to win and govern in the name of a deeply divided nation's fractured sense of the common good.  No, they want to lead a moral revolution, to transform the country.  Not only enacting a long list of new policies, but making a series of institutional changes that would entrench their power far into the future.  Pack the Supreme Court.  Add left-leaning states.  Break up others to give the left huge margins in the Senate.  Get rid of the Electoral College.  Abolish the police.  Rewrite the nation's history, with white supremacy and racism placed at the very center. Ensure 'equity' not just in opportunity but in outcomes.  Hell, maybe they'd even establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Despite the screaming and yelling in the streets by the toxic soft skulls, nothing from the poisonous progressive-fantasy wish list will come anywhere close to passing congress. 

Instead, we will have grinding, obstructive gridlock. Social Justice warriors like the squad will demand that Biden push through progressive priorities by executive order.  But if he does,  the country will move closer to witnessing a conservative backlash that results in Republicans taking control of the House and increasing their margin in the Senate in November 2022, rendering the Biden administration even more fully dead in the water.

Democrats live in a country with a large, passionate opposition. Arrogant talk of demographic inevitabilities and transformative changes to lock Republicans out of power in the name of "democracy" has the effect of inspiring that opposition to unite against them, rendering political success less assured and more tenuous.

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