Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Biden Promotes Useful Idiot Who Failed to Take Down 45

 Voluntary Useful Idiots Vevgeny "Eugene" Vindman & Brother Porky Vindman

On February 7, 2020, two days after DJT was acquitted in round 1 of the sham impeachment circus, Vevgeny Vindman and his twin brother Porky Alexander Vindam were unceremoniously fired and quickly escorted off the White House grounds when they showed up for work.

The story the media put forth was of brothers troubled by a phone conversation, the first to raise an alarm about the president's phone call in which they claimed (solely on their own interpretation of his words) threatened to withhold Congressional allocated defense funds if Ukraine wouldn't gin up a fake investigation into Joe Biden and his son.  At the time, Eugene Vindman was a legal advisor to the National Security Council on which Porky Vindman was the Director of European Affairs. Very well placed. Who could dispute such Men?

Both brothers reported their concerns to John Eisenberg, the NSC's legal advisor. Eisenberg didn't share the brother's twisted interpretation of the conversation after review of their flight of fantasy. Apparently Eugene had been looking for attention and a vehicle for promotion.  So he chose to jump into the impeachment parade even though both participants of the conversation denied Vindman understood what was said.

His congressional testimony was unimpressive and practiced. The Media and Dems celebrated his heroism. 

Here is a passage from Vindman's 2020 Merit Evaluation:
"Over time, LTC [Y.] Vindman displayed increasingly poor judgment and failed to learn from his mistakes. On multiple occasions, his unprofessional demeanor made NSC staff feel uncomfortable. Despite express guidance from his supervisor, he continued to add himself to meetings with senior NSC staff where he did not add value. 
LTC [Y.] Vindman's substandard performance—his lack of judgment, failure to communicate well with his superiors, and inability to differentiate between legal and policy decisions—caused him to lose the trust of NSC senior leadership. … With additional counseling and experience, LTC [Y.] Vindman's performance may improve. He would benefit from additional experience in a slower paced work environment subject to less pressure and scrutiny. In time, he may become a better attorney."
According to Politico, after the election the evaluations having been deleted, Vindman's name was placed on a list of promotions headed to the Senate for approval after Sen. Tammy Duckworth threatened to hold up all promotions above lieutenant colonel if Secretary of Defense Mark Esper wouldn't assure her in writing that the White House hadn't intervened to keep Alex Vindman off the list — an assurance she never got.

Now Vindman has his promotion to full Colonel despite his part in deception, pushed heavily in public by the forces of overthrow, to help torpedo a sitting president.

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