Saturday, March 20, 2021

In Case You Missed It: DSLS

This Week in Dumb Sh*t Liberals Say. 

* Hank Johnson: GOP Rep ‘Endorsed’ Lynching Because Trump Opened the Floodgates 

* WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki: Businesses Won’t Raise Prices if We Raise Taxes 

* Dem Rep. Sanchez: Not ‘Appropriate’ for Journalists to See Inside Border Facilities Holding Children 

* The Black Website 'Root' calls for genocide against white people…

* Obese Land Whale: 'Republicans 'Trying to Kill as Many Americans as Possible' 

* Ted Lieu: Trump Gave ‘Permission to Attack’ Asian-Americans

And what list of stupid comments would be complete without a word from America's Foremost Race Baiter Joy Reid?

~ Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS  & ABOVE TOP SECRET for the Linkage! ~

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