Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Let Us Today Pay Visit to Our Old Friend Matthew for a Few Choice Tibbitts of Cultural Observation

 by Matthew Noto@My Planet, My Rules

"Your Overlord is a great believer in the old adage that if you live long enough you will see everything. He's also a believer in the axiom that history repeats itself, although that is conditioned by circumstances so that the repetition is never exact, but often close enough.  I also believe in the maxim that if you gather enough truly stupid people together in the same place, the resulting flash from the explosion of asshole can be seen in distant galaxies.

And so here we are, in this year of 2021 and all of these precepts have proven themselves true. It is both disheartening and quite amusing. Segregation is back in vogue.

Only the Modern Segregationist is now the former victim of the Old Segregationist, clinging to and advocating for a New Segregation as a means of...I'm not exactly sure. This past week, I have read stories of Segregated college graduations; I have read stories regarding Segregated public spaces; there is even a whiff of Segregation in the philosophical approaches people are taking to things like objective truth, history, arts, politics.

In the past, "separate but equal" was the hallmark of Jim Crow. I refer to the New Segregation as "Jim Slow".  Because it is being carried forward by perhaps some of the dullest intellects we're ever likely to see.

Most of these are charlatan race baiters and hustlers looking to make a quick buck and they are aided and abetted by the typical accessory-after-the-fact of the irrationally-guilty, white, upper-middle-class retard who is always more than happy to help the downtrodden remain downtrodden in the quest for a world without downtrodden. For if we didn't have downtrodden the upper-middle-class libtard would lose all status in society and have no one to virtue signal towards as a means of assuaging their irrational guilt, and no one to take advantage of in what is to supposed be an act of penance for the "crime" of being born non-downtrodden without having to sacrifice anything of actual value.

Now, I'm not about to plumb the depths of the stupid in the formulation that people who fought -- and often died -- for the cause of Civil Rights should find themselves living in a world wherein the inheritors and beneficiaries of their struggle should suddenly reject equality as an act of "equity", or whatever they're calling it this week. That's a scary place; it takes a real, weapons-grade doofus to believe that any community can cut itself off from interaction with another, and prosper, particularly when the communities involved are interdependent in so many ways.

If I had to take an educated guess at why an entire generation of people would go through the trouble of biting off their noses to spite their faces, I would probably look to two "separate but equal" (see what I did there?) catalysts: Demographics and an Achievement Gap."

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